Womens unearned rights!

Richard Teale

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🎯Women wanted their rights & independence, they got it & they can sure have it, but they can do it..... ALONE!πŸ™…
πŸ™†"Waagh! You men will have to live & die alone then!"
πŸ™Well yes, that I can't deny & the fact is we all die alone anyway, but thankfully men can handle being & living alone way.....WAY better than women & I'm not ever going to risk ruining my life again with another!
Your giving women a loaded gun with cohabitation, defacto & especially marriage, as they're all just relationshits, while your hoping/praying they don't use it as you cower in obedience to the whims of women, for fear of them changing their mind to divorce rape you!
πŸ‘°Women, how can something so tantalizingly terrific, be so untouchably☣toxic!☑
Modern women are a liability to love, as they're illogical leeches, with the gynocentric governments ludicrous laws to backup their bullshit!
That's womens tactics as Eve & all her daughter's ARE the weaker sex, physically & spiritually, so the danger is, they're easily deceived! They use their only strength, manipulation & LIES!
They're also parasitic lazy leeches who want the free ride πŸ’³πŸš˜πŸ’°πŸ at your expense now days!
Women's dependace used to be beneficial to both parties. Now they're just dependent, entitled, lazy & loud so are now nothing but a diabolical drama, a coercion controlling tornado to get her way, & a divorce rape liability to a man!
Since the dawn of time, females have fought men's authority & ☣feminism in these last days, is the crescendo of their crusade!
🚫Refuse to help women anywhere, anyway, anytime! They want their so called independence & equality, then let's let them have it, on their own!
I could tell stories how in my blue pilled post divorce days, I still tried helping my ex, on many an occasion in the high hopes to get some reciprocation?! No way was she ever gona play ball!🎾🎱🎳
Now I've been red pilled & learnt, thanks to πŸ”΄πŸ’Š knowledge & all theseπŸ…MGTOWπŸŽ– men making their channels of pure wisdom!
🎯Thanks guysπŸ˜‰!
Women today, are nothing useful to men! We don't need them either as they're not required to do that hard work running the house & keeping a home, like when men tamed the fronteer! That was hard work back then!
Today it's easy, with all the modern appliances & infrastructure we men have built for women's benefit, yet now they don't want to even do that cushy job properly!
Raising children is about all they're good for, but they can't even do that these days!
Classic example; try (πŸ‘€) find a woman who willingly wants to, & will home school all your children, let alone do the work a woman should do around the home, while forfeting her social media & TV entertainment till all the works done?!(πŸ‘€)?
You won't find that woman today!
We men have got all that same infrastructure, machinery & technology to replace women with everything to make us men's lives easy, even including sex dolls that are apparently so good, you can't tell the difference between a doll & a girl, for looks & feel!
You sure can with everything else & especially so when they open their mouth!
Yes, I know dolls can't have childrenπŸ‘ͺ & we'll have to forfet that to eventually die off as a ethnic group untill they commission the artificial womb, but I'd rather that than face the consequences of a controlling illogical woman ever again!😲
The modern women are incapable of any hard work! Let them crash & burnπŸ”₯ till they finally wake up from a world like the woman in the gang on the road, in the movie "The πŸ“™Book Of Eli!"🏜
When they're finally defeated by their own feminism, I'd hope they realize to return to the women, God designed them to be, in service & submission to her husband, a lovingπŸ’‘ caringπŸ‘« protective real masculine man who's correctly esteemed as the boss!πŸ’ͺ
This would make her truely happy under the patriarchy & make both gendersπŸ’ happy & functional again!
However I have my doubts, as women lack the faculties to figure this out! They've been so brainwashed by feminism & they're so short sighted they'll never get it with their selfish entitled emotional minded illogical thinking⚠
If we want to fix it, we men will just have to forcefully put women back in their place!πŸ’ͺ
Women need male authority, to control their hypergamy, or face their unbridled destructibility, end of story!⚠
We must strip them of their unearned rights to divorce rape us, by taking all our earnings with child support!
Also murder, by driving us to take our lives through suicide, by taking our kids through court from us as weapons of war to do so!
Also taking what defines a man, with all our aquired wealth & resources through divorce, as they're only selfishly taking what's handed to them on a platter, with the sisterhood hussle of divorce laws, through that fcuked up feminist family court sponsored state laws!☑
🚫We especially need to remove their right to vote☑
They should be with the children, under the obedience of their husband, as he's the God appointed authority & head of the family, biblical FACT!
Women's sufferage is a scam on men! Just look at the destruction that's happened since women were given the right to vote! Her father, then husband should be the ONLY one who votes for them, as women & children should be under the authority & obedience to him & especially so if he's meant to take responsibility, by providing for them!
πŸ“£Feminism has taken more than equality, namely authority!πŸ“£
They've stripped us men of our authority, while still holding us in responsibility, especially πŸ’Έfinancially!πŸ’°
Men, BEWARE!☑ Heed my warning!☠ We need to band together to do this NOW & NEVER GIVE WOMEN BACK THEIR ENTITLED UNEARNED RIGHTS TO SCREW US OVER, EVER AGAIN!πŸ’ͺβœ”πŸŽ–πŸ»