The nature of Islam


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You are hands down, the best ambassador to Islam that I have encountered to date. I think the Western World could benefit from you expounding on your faith a bit more. I could suggest topics that I think are cause for concern to the average Christian if you are interested.

Your channel rocks.


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In full disclosure, I was raised a Christian and still believe in many of the principles that western civilization was built on. Freedom of Speech and Freedom of religion are two of these. That being said, as Western Civilization continues to slide into the dumpster, I find more merit in Islamic concepts every day. In my opinion, western culture has become far too permissive in allowing its own self desecration. Islam however seems to tolerate no dissenting opinions at all. To the western mind, this seems contrary to positive growth. That being said, I still have too many questions to list, but I will give it a try. I hope none of them are out of bounds. I am genuinely curious about the following:

1) The nature of the Sunni Shia split. If as a Christian, I said the Shahada, what exactly would that make me?
2) I've been told there are two Qurans, on written in Mecca and one written in Medina. Supposedly they differ a great deal in their nature. What is the truth behind this?
3) The nature of Taqiya. It is often presented by critics of Islam as deliberately hiding a more violent intent toward other religions. Contrary to this, I have also read that it is only used to avoid unjust persecution.
4) The concept of Jizya.
5) Advocates say Islam is the religion of peace. Critics say the definition of peace requires the entire earth to be Islamic before this peace is possible. Obviously adherents to other faiths would have a problem with the later. What is your take on it? Can Islam exist in pluralistic societies, or is it an article of faith that the world will one day be entirely Islamic?
6) The birth of Jesus is favorably discussed in the first part of the Quran. Jews have a rather less charitable view of Jesus. Why then do you think Christians and Jews seem to have a better relationship than that of Christians and Muslims?
7) As I understand it, followers of Abrahamic faiths rate higher in the eyes of Muslims than that of say Buddhists, Hindus, or Taoists. I would hope even these groups would be viewed more favorably than that of atheists and secular humanists. What does Sharia say about the relative treatment of these other faiths?
7) Freedom of speech is a huge tenant of western Christian culture. In this light, the amount of turmoil that surrounded the publishing of the Salman Rushdi book was a bit perplexing to many of us. Likewise the violent response to the Charlie Hebdo cartoons is mystifying. Can you explain why these types of things cause violence? In the west, modern "artists" desecrate the image of Christ with no repercussions at all. I tend to think the best policy would be somewhere in the middle of these two extremes. What is your take on what is acceptable criticism vs acts of disrespect or desecration?
8) As the US has managed to destabilize the mid-east, supposedly, many ancient sites and historical art have been destroyed by "Radical Muslims". What does the religion say about historical works such as those of ancient Egypt? Are they worthy of preservation, or are they destined for destruction because much of it is of Pagan origin?
9) How does the Muslim world view the virtue signalling SJW crowds seemingly embracing Islam? To a conservative Christian, it seems strange as with our limited understanding of Sharia, these folks wouldn't exactly fare very well under Islamic rule. Those videos of the LGBT crowd chanting "Allahu Akbar" must be truly mystifying.

I guess that does it for now. Thanks in advance for any insight you choose to provide.
1) Neither. Sunni and Shia are different schisms in the religion. The traditional is Sunni. But don't get worried about the labeling. Shia diverged from the traditional path.

2) Quran was downloaded in both cities. There were different copies but I think it was Caliph Uthman who ordered they be burnt because the Quran was memorized by heart by a few trust worthy people who were verified to have the original downloaded script to to the prophet. You have to keep in mind back then writing was not something most people took part in because most were illiterate and writing was just too time consuming and hectic. They just memorized stuff.

I'll get to the rest later


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Thank you so much for your channel! I am always eagerly awaiting new videos from you. MGTOW knowledge from an Islamic perspective has proven to be a really interesting topic!

I am from Sweden, and its a fact that due to demographic changes, Sweden (and much of Europe) is being islamized very rapidly. Men in my country have suffered horribly due to feminism and left wing politics, but like much of the rest of the western world, MGTOW and Red pill knowledge is spreading quite quickly. Do you think that the red pill community will benefit from islamization in Sweden, or will islam become "washed out" and influenced by feminism, LGBT, and left wing politics like swedish christianity has been? What about the rest of the western world? Will Islam be infested, or will feminism be the one who takes damage?


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Your stories about Muslim men getting divorced raped in the middle east is shocking to me. It goes against everything I have ever been told about the middle east. When did this all change?
It changed post Arab Spring in 2011 along with the rise of Social Media. There's an amazing book called embracing defeat about the Japanese surrender of WWII. Japanese women disrespected their once mighty men and Japanese society has been going downhill ever since.

Although the Arab world was not conquered by outside forces it showed Arab women that their men are both losers and failures. Arab women lost respect for their men. With Social Media it just gets worse.

When American GI's were stationed in Japan the native women were going after them because they didn't want to be with winners and not losers. This is why I tell white guys now if you want to get yourself a hojabi now is your chance.


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Very interesting, I must check out that book for sure.

Can you give some advice on how a white, european man could get an arab or persian girlfriend? I live in a city in Sweden with a huge muslim population, but its quite rare to find one of them on Tinder or other dating apps. How do you handle their families and such afterwards?
Unless she's white washed it's not worth it to pursue them. At the end they will succumb to family, religion, and culture and end up marrying some simp with the same background.

The most important thing if you go down that route is to be Muslim because it is haram for a Muslim women to marry a non Muslim man. As for the family be well to do and well groomed. Just don't try to get too friendly with them because the mother might start treating you like a simp.