Relationship Ledger and Imbalances Due to Male Conditioning


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Women seem to carry a feelings/benefit based ledger with regard to relationships. If they can get you to agree that a something is a benefit to you, it makes them "feel" better. You watch a crappy chick flick with them, and they immediately ask if you liked it. You wash the dishes and she asks, "Don't you feel better now that the kitchen is clean?"

If she can get you to agree, then that action becomes a "benefit" to you and and the relationship ledger is even.

Sex is viewed by society as a huge positive for the man and a negative for the woman. Thus the ledger is constantly tallied up against the man. He must do more and more to try to balance it. A more honest assessment is needed and men are the ones who must be more honest about the true debits and credits in a relationship.

Agree or disagree?

Agree or disagree
I made a video about this several months back called train him like a dog

This is women is NOT attracted to you but sees you as a work horse. You better believe that someone else is dicking her down.