How To Handle Rejection?


New member
Asked a girl out that I have known for 2 days but she rejected me. How do I deal with this damage to my self esteem?
Talking to her again will be awkward, should I break all contact?
1) Take is as a learning experience.

2) Yes it is awkward but don't show it because women can sense what you are feeling.

3) For her own good she wants things to go back to normal.

4) Even though it will be awkward NEVER bring it up or apologize. Act as it never happened because that's what she is doing.

5) Don't break all contact because that will spook her and she will worry about her safety. Yes women believe that an angry guy will hit them.

6) Pullback on interactions with her. Let her lead for the time being because you might have moved too fast or she might want to have nothing to do with you.

7) NEVER as a girl out. We are in a whole different world with women now. Like cats let them come to you.

8) If you are interested in her and she's showing interest you can tell her on Thursday I go to this hole in the wall cafe if she's interested she'll say along the lines of OMG that sounds like such a nice place. Invite her out but always make it seem like it was her idea.