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Do you think that at some point, we will have to be the ones, the MGTOW community, who end up electing a politician(s) to lessen the damage of community laws? With all the problems being brought on the forefront now days, I think this is a worthy issue. It would be essential in limiting the amount of money a woman can take from a hardworking husband.

Something I always told myself to now is that gals should ONLY get child support; however, no alimony or 50% of anything should be given. Because wages are based on services rendered at businesses and you have to WORK to earn it, doing anything familial does not warrant a wage. Am I wrong in laying out my thoughts in this way?

If a gal is a stay at home, the only way to equalize is for the guy to MAKE UP that time to spend time with kids (she needs to get a job for pay). It's time for time.

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