AML in the House

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Amr: a main point in channel is "women don't love men". What if the women is a 6.5 in looks and the guy is 8.0 in looks? would she love him then?
First of all, women are incapable of love. That's just how God created them. We all have weaknesses that we must overcome. Women they don't love but should suppress the urge to destroy relationships and be content with what they have. Feminism told them to embrace their feeling and if they are not happy get out of the relationship.

Now, women between 5 and 7 are the worst. They are not hot enough to get the guy they want but not ugly enough to settle. In your case it will come down to does she have or will soon have access to better men and how arrogant is she. Like I said in my video about Abraham telling us to how to pick good women, if she's toxic, meaning if she's all about materialism and attention seeking, then those are deal killers.